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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Van Ormer, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Eileen Beers

    This youngest congregation in the Glasgow pastorate is located in the village of Van Ormer, Pa., Cambria County, on the Cresson and Irvona Branch, Pennsylvania Railroad, four miles west of Glasgow, Pa.

    Trinity congregation was organized July 7, 1908, by Rev. Chas. E. Keller, of Roaring Spring, Pa., assisted by his son, Rev. Ed. L. Keller, a student of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pa., the following members entering the organization: Mrs. Rebecca Beers, H. W. Beers, Mrs. Mary Beers, Mrs. Lettie Beers, Mrs. Jennie Coy, Ruth Coy, J. B. McManamy, Mrs. Margaret McManamy, Arthur Rutter, Mrs. Ada Rutter, Tillie Kuhn, Mrs. Viola Troxell, Dessie Troxell, Grace Troxell, Ray Troxell, Clifford Troxell, Banks Troxell, Joseph Troxell and Floyd Troxell.

    The following officers of the congregation were elected and installed: H. W. Beers, J. B. McManamy, Arthur Rutter, Banks Troxell.

    The members of this young congregation worship in the Van Ormer Hall. Since Trinity has become a part of the charge and has enjoyed the regular ministrations of a pastor, it has grown and the outlook is very promising. We are looking forward to a church building with the hope that this may soon be realized. The membership includes good material which, with earnest consecration to God, can do much for the extension of His kingdom. The parsonage is located in Glasgow, Pa., Cambria County, on the Bellwood Division, Pennsylvania Railroad, fifteen miles north of Bellwood, Pa., and is quite a desirable and pleasant home for the pastor. The Ladies' Aid Society has been very helpful, having recently made extensive improvements in the parsonage by painting and installing steam heat. The church here was greatly improved recently by painting the exterior. The walls and ceiling of the auditorium and of the Sunday school were papered and new carpets placed in the auditorium and Sunday school room. The old church that was built in 1860 is still standing and used as a social hall. "The Willing Workers," an organized Sunday school class, recently made improvements in its interior and secured a piano for it.

    The growth of the membership during the present pastorate has been 150, and the future seems full of encouragement for the charge.
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