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 Summerhill Twp. Cemeteries
Coleman (Mt. Olive) Cemetery
Mt. Union Cemetery
Pringle Hill Cemetery
Sherbine Cemetery
SS. Peter & Paul Cemetery
St. Bartholomew (Wilmore) Cemetery
St. Joseph Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery
Union Cemetery
Wilmore Lutheran (Miller Burial Ground) Cemetery
Wilmore United Brethren Cemetery

 Other Summerhill Twp. Links
USGS Map of Summerhill
1867 - Summerhill
1867 - Wilmore
Summerhill Township, Cambria County's fourth township, was formed 7 Feb 1810. At that time, it also included portions of Jackson, Washington, Croyle, Blacklick, Munster, and Portage Townships.

It was originally spelled "Somerhill", possibly in honor of Joseph and David Somers, who were early landowners in this region.

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